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Tom O'Neil - 2010
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Enshrined : 2010
Western Connecticut Football Officials  
Tom O'Neil has had a long and distinguished career as a member of the zebra brigade, beginning in 1974 as a dual member for some years in the FCFOA. He also distinguished himself as an active member and administrator for the Western Connecticut Football Officials Association. During his 35 seasons with the WCFOA, he has served as its President, Vice-President, and did a stint on its Board of Directors. Since 2006 he has worked on training new officials and is a member of the group's Assigning Committee. As a member of the Fairfield Board, he served a stint on its Board of Directors. Past awards include the WCFOA's Vin Reilly Award winner in 2004, a Past Presidents' Award in 2003, and the Ed Mariano Award for service to the board in 2005. Tom lists to his credits 14 CIAC semi- and final games, beginning in 1982, with his last one in 2008. In 12 of those games he was the referee. He has worked as the white hat for two New England Prep School Championship Games, and was the referee for an FCIAC championship game in the mid-1980s. He is married to his wife of nine years, Pat, and couple has 3 children, Tom, Scott and Nicole. They have has two grandchildren, Aidan and Amanda. Besides football, O'Neil spends his springs on the lacrosse field was a baseball umpire.