Bruce Brenia - 2012
James Carey - 2007
Russ Hansen - 2007
Edward Mariano - 2007
Tom O'Neil - 2010
Brian Sullivan - 2014
James Carey

Enshrined : 2007
Western Connecticut Football Officials
A consummate gentleman and tireless worker for the Connecticut Football Officials Association, James Carey is rightly considered one of the best. The Shelton resident has been a member of the Western Connecticut Football Officials Association for 38 years, and has worked in leadership capacities for more than two decades. A varsity official for 26 of his 29 active years on the board, he counts 10 Ansonia-Naugatuck games to his officiating credits as well as the Northeast Community College Championship in 1982. Jim worked five state championship contests He currently is a clock operator for the WCFOA. He was vice-president of the chapter from 1987-88, and its president in 1989-90, as such he was on the group's board of director from 1987 until 2005, he also served on the Better Officiating Committee. He worked as in clinic instruction from 1987-88 and is the sub-varsity assigner, a job he's held since 1980. For the Western Board he's won the Past-President's Award and the Ed Mariano Service Award. He is a 2001 Vincent Reilly Award Winner for service to the WCFOA and officiating in Connecticut. But, it's for his service the CFOA that makes Carey a friend to football officials all over the state. He got on the state board, representing the WCFOA in 1984, worked as vice-president and president, and then became the group's secretary-treasurer, a position he continues in today. He was instrumental in beginning the statewide clinic in 1995, and has guided many presidents in the operation of the State Board. Truly, without Jim Carey's aid, the state association would not be the strong operation it is today.