Michael Barbaro - 2010
Edward 'Ned' Conlan - 2012
Fredrick Ghirardini - 2007
Mark Glynn - 2014
Larry Griffin - 2008
David Holdwright - 2007
Dan Martin - 2012
Joseph McAlpine - 2008
Vincent Morrissey - 2007
Joseph Murray - 2014
Stephen Narracci - 2007
Flemming Norcott - 2014
Vincent Reilly - 2007
William Riccio - 2010
Jack Warner - 2010
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Enshrined : 2010
New Haven Football Officials  
Bill Riccio got into the Vincent J. Reilly-New Haven Football Officials Association by way of his longtime friend and mentor Vin Morrissey (a charter inductee) , in 1974. Since then it's been a long and enjoyable ride that's given him opportunities few officials imagine. Learning the ropes of the game wasn't always easy, but eventually, Riccio was able to master the rules and mechanics of the game, working his way to varsity level, and, subsequently, referee. He learned his love of the rules from Morrissey, and quickly attained a facility for understanding not only the rule, but also why it is in place. He was appointed interpreter in 1982, and continues to hold that position today. He moved up the ranks first to varsity and then was invited to join the Eastern Association of Intercollegiate Football Officials' Metro Chapter in 1981. He has worked collegiate games since then, working at the Division I, II and III level. He currently works for the Eastern College Athletic Conference as a referee, and is an instructor in its annual clinic. In 1984 he became a charter member of the EAIFO's Connecticut Chapter, and became its interpreter in 1995, a position he still occupies. As a referee on the high school and collegiate level, Riccio was able to compartmentalize the various differences between the high school and collegiate codes. Due to this ability, in 1990, he was asked to join and now chairs a committee that trains high school officials who make the jump to college. As a member of the state board since 1994, Riccio was an originator of the annual statewide clinic that began in 1995 and has been an instructor in all but two of those clinics. He was named Assistant State Interpreter in 2000, and has annually conducted many clinics with coaches in the area. He was President of the state board from 1999-2001. He was named the NHFOA's Vincent Reilly Award winner in 2002. This past January he was named State Interpreter to succeed Tracy Mather. He recently completed a four-year term on the National Federation of State High School Association's Football Rules Committee, where he served as the officials' member, representing every high school official in the country. He was a member of the Equipment and Manual sub-committees. He has worked 11 NCAA playoff games and three league championship games over his career as well as five CIAC championship games and three semi-finals. A mentor to young officials, he helps evaluate young officials to move up into the varsity ranks, and has worked semi-professional ball for the last decade. He is currently president of the Greater New Haven Baseball Umpires Association, and assistant organist at St. Mary's Church, Norwalk.