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Vincent Morrissey - 2007
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Vincent Morrissey

Enshrined : 2007
New Haven Football Officials
From the day Vincent P. Morrissey donned the stripes in 1966 as a new member of the Vincent J. Reilly-New Haven Football Officials Association everyone knew he was going to be a top-ranked member. With an on-field career that spanned 30 years, Morrissey logged thousands of miles to high school and college games all over Connecticut and the Northeast and beyond. As a line judge and sometimes referee, Morrissey gave every game 100 percent, and expected the same from his crewmates. So good was he at his craft that he joined the Eastern Association of Intercollegiate Football Officials in 1971 and was in Division I in five years. He was president of the Metro Chapter of the EAIFO in 1983, and was a founding member of the Connecticut Chapter in 1984. As a high school official he got many top games, and traditional rivalries, including Thanksgiving Day games such as Derby-Shelton, Notre Dame-Hamden and Jonathan Law-Foran. He served as president of the NHFOA in 1985. As a collegiate official he worked 227 regular season and playoff contests including Yale-Harvard, BC-Holy Cross, Lehigh-Lafayette and others. He worked seven Division I-AA playoff games, and officiated the longest (to that point) game in NCAA history in September 1982 between Maine and Rhode Island that went into six overtime periods. He officiated the first collegiate game played off American soil between Boston University and the University of Richmond in the Crystal Palace, London.