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Enshrined : 2014
New Haven Football Officials
For 35 years, Flemming "Nick" Norcott, Jr. patrolled the high school and collegiate football fields as a member of the New Haven Football Officials Association and a member of the Eastern College Athletic Conference officiating staff. A graduate of the Taft School, he received his B.A. from Columbia University, Class of 1965. Upon his graduation from Columbia Law, Justice Norcott worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nairobi, Kenya, where he was a lecturer in the faculty of law at the University of East Africa. Norcott joined the NHFOA in 1975 and worked his way up the ranks. With the ECAC he worked as a deep official and became one of the top-ranked at that spot, working many Ivy League, Patriot League and other Division I contests, including four playoff assignments. A lawyer, he received his JCD from Columbia in 1969 and also did a stint on New Haven radio station WELI doing one-minute spots on the law. He was raised to the post of Superior Court judge in 1979 and worked there until his appointment to the Connecticut Appellate Court eight years later. He was appointed to the Connecticut State Supreme Court in 1992 and remained there until his retirement in 2013. Among the awards he has received include the Gene Casey Chapter National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame Distinguished American Award, NAACP Dr. M.L. King Leadership Award, U.S. Peace Corp F.H. Williams Award, and the Crimson and Blue Award from Taft, among several others. About his career, Norcott relishes the games and acquaintances he has made over the years. "During the 60s, 70s, 80s, and into the 90s, African-American officials were few – as were playoff assignments and significant committee assignments. Nonetheless, my experience as a high school and collegiate football official ranks as one of the greatest experiences of my life, I cherish the strong friendships with some great men. The games, assignments, playoffs, committees and awards fail to match the value of these personal associations." Nick is married to Althea V. Norcott and the couple has three children, Daryl, Candace and Tiffany.