Michael Barbaro - 2010
Edward 'Ned' Conlan - 2012
Fredrick Ghirardini - 2007
Mark Glynn - 2014
Larry Griffin - 2008
David Holdwright - 2007
Dan Martin - 2012
Joseph McAlpine - 2008
Vincent Morrissey - 2007
Joseph Murray - 2014
Stephen Narracci - 2007
Flemming Norcott - 2014
Vincent Reilly - 2007
William Riccio - 2010
Jack Warner - 2010
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Enshrined : 2010
New Haven Football Officials  
With a knowledge of rules and game management that is unparalleled, Michael Barbaro has worked high school games in the New Haven area for the last 31 years. During that time, he has become one of the major cogs that is the Vincent J. Reilly-New Haven Football Officials Association machine. A meticulous rules man, with a talent for knowing the mechanics of officiating, he has worn the white hat in the NHFOA for more than 25 years. A 1973 graduate of East Haven High School and 1977 graduate of the University of New Haven, Barbaro joined the ranks of the zebras in 1979. His management skills and ability to communicate with fellow officials was recognized early, and he was elected President of the association in 1989. He also served many stints on the group's Board of Directors and was a member of the Better Officiating Committee. Barbaro got involved with the training of new officials more than 15 years ago, and has continued to produce top-notch young officials. His demeanor and abilities to convey the intricacies of the game served him well; so well in fact, he was made Program Chairman of the association for several years. Considered one of the top referees in the NHFOA, Barbaro has been assigned to many crucial games in the New Haven area, along with his crew. He is demanding of his crew, and expects the same attention to detail from them that he expects from himself. He has been assigned to 2 semi-final and 5 CIAC final games during the course of his career, and worked the annual Football Foundation Hall of Fame Classic between players of New Haven and Fairfield County in 2003. He is a member of the New Haven Gridiron Club and Gene Casey-New Haven Chapter Football Foundation and Hall of Fame He received that group's Officials Award in 2006.