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Enshrined : 2010
Fairfield Football Officials  
Football is a rules-saturated game. Just ask any official who's tried to master the intricacies of the game. Tracy Mather has done that and more during a 40-year career, which included a 25-year stint as the Connecticut State Interpreter, keeping the rulings consistent throughout the six member boards that make up the Connecticut Football Officials Association. That 40-year career was spent running up and down the fields of school serviced by the Fairfield County Football Officials Association. A top-notch official, Tracy moved up the ladder during his career, and became a referee and crew chief in the organization, impressing officials and coaches with his game-management ability. During that time he worked three CIAC championship games and innumerable top games in the Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Conference, one of the most competitive leagues in the State of Connecticut. When not coursing the gridiron, Mather umpired softball for more than 30 years. An official known for his affable demeanor, Mather says his years on the field were nothing short of joyful. He retired from the Stratford School System after a 35-year career. He is married to his best friend of 46 years, Patricia, and the couple has two sons and three grandchildren.