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Robert "Pop" Newall - 2012
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Enshrined : 2012
Fairfield Football Officials  
If there's been an important game in Fairfield County, chances are Robert "Pop" Newall has been involved in officiating the contest. A member of the Fairfield Board since 1963, Newell is a familiar face to the coaches, players and fans throughout the Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Conference. A coach at Bridgeport Central in the late 1950s and 1960s, Newall began the freshman program while coaching and serving as the school's athletic director, before moving over to Stratford High School. He also coached the in the Stratford Pop Warner League. He quickly moved up the ranks of the FCFOA and worked varsity and championship games in both the FCIAC and the former Metropolitan Bridgeport Interscholastic Athletic League (MBIAC). He has worked three state championship games and two state semi-final games during his career, the last one being the 2007 state championship game. One of his fondest memories of officiating is working on the field with his three sons. During his time with the Fairfield Board, Newall has been an exemplary leader, serving on several committees, including the Better Officiating, New Officials, Certification Committee and several others. He was president in 1994-95. For the past two decades he has been a familiar face during State Board meetings, giving his insights and wisdom during some contentious discussions. While with the CFOA he was on the negotiating committee when contracts came due with the CIAC. Newall is a member of the Ralph DeSantis Chapter of the National Football Foundation and received its officiating award in 1998. Bob Newall has given back to the game more than he has taken during his 48-year career.