Don Fagan - 2012
Joseph Fiordelisi - 2014
Bernie Iassogna - 2008
Matt Johnson - 2007
Ray Longden - 2008
Robert Maffei Sr. - 2007
Tracy Mather - 2010
Robert "Pop" Newall - 2012
Mike Puterbaugh - 2014
Charles Schaefer - 2008
Robert Seirup - 2007
Robert Maffei Sr.

Enshrined : 2007
Fairfield Football Officials
Robert Maffei traveled up and down high school and collegiate football fields for more than 40 years. As a member of the Vincent J. Reilly - New Haven and then Fairfield County Football Officials Association, Maffei was an official for the ECAC under the aegis of the Eastern Association of Intercollegiate Football Officials. A well respected rules man, he served as interpreter for the FCFOA, and reviewed questions made by coaches serviced by the board. He was so respected he was chosen to work the first FCIAC championship game. The NFL took a look at Maffei, but a recurring knee injury precluded a career in the big leagues. When he wasn't officiating, he was coaching. Fairfield University had him as the defensive coordinator for three seasons, he was at Andrew Warde (Fairfield) for five years in the same capacity, and then assisted at Fairfield Prep for 16 years. Among awards and recognitions, Bob was honored by the Stamford Old-Timers, and the Fairfield Pop Warner Football Board of Directors.