Don Fagan - 2012
Joseph Fiordelisi - 2014
Bernie Iassogna - 2008
Matt Johnson - 2007
Ray Longden - 2008
Robert Maffei Sr. - 2007
Tracy Mather - 2010
Robert "Pop" Newall - 2012
Mike Puterbaugh - 2014
Charles Schaefer - 2008
Robert Seirup - 2007
Ray Longden

Enshrined : 2008
Fairfield Football Officials
Ray Longden's career as an official began in the fall of 1947. A graduate of Fairfield Prep, where he played football, he returned to the school as a JV coach some time later. During his first game, "Tip" Schaefer asked that he help on the lines during the contest. As the saying goes, "The rest is history." He joined the state officiating group based out of New Haven and has continued to don the stripes for more than 60 years. In 1958 he joined the officiating staff of the Eastern College Athletic Conference, and worked college games for 28 seasons. He worked games in the Atlantic Coast Football League as well in the heyday of semi-professional football. He was a founder of the Fairfield County Football Officials Association when the need for a regional organization was felt. He was president of the state board and president of the FCFOA. He has served as legal counsel to both organizations. For 52 years (1950-2002) he officiating the Bridgeport Central-Harding game on Thanksgiving Day, and was assigned the first CIAC state championship in 1976. He has worked 5 other state games. In 2002 he was honored by the General Assembly for his then-55 years of service to the youth of the state. He also made the Guinness Book of World Records as having officiating more than 2,000 games - more than any other official on record.