Mike Chiappone - 2008
Lawrence Drew - 2007
William Fitzpatrick - 2014
Jack McDonald - 2010
Bill Noonan - 2010
Andrew O'Neil - 2007
Joe Paskewich - 2008
Ray Pollick - 2012
Dick Walker - 2010
Warren Whitehouse - 2014
Robert Woods - 2012
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Enshrined : 2012
Eastern Connecticut Football Officials  
For 29 years, Robert "Bob" Woods was seen on the gridirons serviced by the Eastern Association of Approved Football Officials, and was an integral part of the CFOA's executive board. Working several positions, but most familiarly at umpire, Woods worked 21 CIAC playoff and championship games at every position except back judge. While with the EAAFO, he served on several committees, including the Mechanics, Better Officiating, and Audit, and is a recipient of the group's Noonan Award for service to the organization. His hard work was recognized as well as he served a term as the association's president. During many of those 29 years, Woods served the CFOA as one of the EAAFO's representatives and quickly became a major component in making the state board a successful organization. He served as vice-president and president of the state board and made his presence felt almost immediately. While with the CFOA, Woods worked with the CIAC in the cause of hammering out a long-term agreement concerning the contract officials had with the state's governing body. He was able to negotiate a settlement that is prototype of all contracts the CIAC has with officials of all sports, and has eliminated the sporadic controversies that arose whenever a new contract negotiation began. It is not exaggeration to say the current fee structure is a direct result of Woods' negotiating skill. He also was instrumental in the CFOA getting five officials on the field in 1995 working with the state board in securing the extra man. In the process, he helped lay the foundation of what has become the state clinic, when he made a training session for back judges a stipulation of the agreement. He also helped form the Mechanics Committee for the state board, and helped shepherd the Colonial Board into CFOA membership.