Mike Chiappone - 2008
Lawrence Drew - 2007
William Fitzpatrick - 2014
Jack McDonald - 2010
Bill Noonan - 2010
Andrew O'Neil - 2007
Joe Paskewich - 2008
Ray Pollick - 2012
Dick Walker - 2010
Warren Whitehouse - 2014
Robert Woods - 2012
Mike Chiappone

Enshrined : 2008
Eastern Connecticut Football Officials
Mike Chiappone was one of the first young officials to come on board the New London Football Board at its inception in 1953. H worked many of the schools in the area and quickly earned a reputation as one of the best officials the group offered. He became president of the association in 1962, and was instrumental in its growth. By 1968 the board changed its name to Eastern Connecticut Board of Approved Football Officials because of the expanding demand for officials from the Massachusetts border to the Southern Connecticut River. Mike was an excellent mentor and would explain the rules and the proper application of them to young officials. In his 33- year tenure with the group, he was a member of every major committee: rules, mechanics, and executive. He did various playoff games and was assigned to one CIAC championship game. Not just a football official, Chiappone was a baseball coach, and did hoops. In fact, he was president of the State Board in basketball during the 1987-1988 season. He also worked as a softball umpire.