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Enshrined : 2012
Colonial Football Officials  
For 34 years, Michael Fagan donned the stripes on the fields of several collegiate and high school teams, and did it with distinction. The current Little River, NC resident is now retired and enjoying life playing golf and going on cruises with his wife, Midge. Beginning his career with the Fairfield County Football Officials Association, he worked his way up the ranks as do all officials, but he learned his craft. Fagan became one of the group's top officials both on and off the field, moving up the ranks of the organization to the point he served a term as its president. Football was only one of three sports officiated by Mike, who also was a member of IAABO Board 9, and US Lacrosse Officials Association and was an ASA softball umpire. But it was in football that Fagan made his mark. He helped form the Colonial Football Officials Association in 1995 and was its first assigning commissioner, a position he held through 2006. He worked as a representative of the Colonial Board on the CFOA, and eventually served terms as vice-president and president. During that time he worked to improve the annual state clinic. During his high school career, Fagan worked two CIAC playoff and championship games. He is a former member of the Eastern Association of Intercollegiate Football Officials, Connecticut Chapter, where he was a deep official, and worked one NCAA playoff assignment. He is a recipient of the Fairfield County Chapter National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame's Official Recognition Award, and was awarded the Vin Reilly Recognition Award for service to high school football and the Colonial association.