Walter Akerly - 2007
Joe Arnone - 2007
Gerald Behm - 2008
Jim Dumais - 2007
Robert Fields Jr. - 2012
Vance Harris - 2010
James Healy - 2008
Bob Heimgartner - 2012
Jay Kelleher - 2012
Frank Scelza - 2008
C. Francis Toomey - 2008
Lawrence Tracey - 2008
Wayne Tracey - 2014
Lary Selavka - 2007
Robert Sokolowski - 2007
Paul Zukis - 2014
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Enshrined : 2014
Central Football Officials  
Wayne Tracey's induction today means that he and his brother, Larry, become the first brothers to be included in the Hall of Fame. Applying for membership in the Central Connecticut Approved Football Officials in 1977, Wayne came under the watchful eye of Frank Scelza, Joe Arnone and Gerry Behm, three previous inductees. Over the years he gained the reputation as a student of the rules and mechanics, was asked to become chairman of the board's New Members Committee, a post he retained for a dozen years. He became known as a mentor and friend to many who were put under his care, and still is known for having an answer to a tough rules question when others are stumped. He gained a reputation as a top-notch referee, earning the respect of not only his fellow officials for his game management style, but coaches and players. He has served as a member of the CCAFO Board of Directors, the group's president in 2005 and was named to its Distinguished Service Honor Roll a year later. He has served on several committees, including the Assignment Committee, Better Officiating, Curriculum and Budget, to name a few. During his career he worked eight CIAC playoff assignments. When he decided to come off the field, he went into the press box as a clock operator, and works for the American Athletic Conference, CIP and Northeast-10. He was hired by the University of Connecticut and has been a play clock operator for 16 seasons and counting. His brother Larry is one of his biggest fans, and gives him high marks for his work on and off the field. "Over his 38 years of service to the CCAFO and college football, he was always committed to provide quality skills, knowledge, and accuracy to teams coaches and officials," he says. In addition to his work in football, Tracey is a certified "Little League Umpire," collecting more than 20 years of assignments, including regional, state and national games in both boys' and girls' divisions.