Walter Akerly - 2007
Joe Arnone - 2007
Gerald Behm - 2008
Jim Dumais - 2007
Robert Fields Jr. - 2012
Vance Harris - 2010
James Healy - 2008
Bob Heimgartner - 2012
Jay Kelleher - 2012
Frank Scelza - 2008
C. Francis Toomey - 2008
Lawrence Tracey - 2008
Wayne Tracey - 2014
Lary Selavka - 2007
Robert Sokolowski - 2007
Paul Zukis - 2014
Walter Akerly

Enshrined : 2007
Central Football Officials
Walt Akerly served the CCAFO for many years in several capacities. A native of New Brunswick, Canada, he grew up in Auburn, ME and lived in Connecticut for 44 years. He was a graduate of Wentworth Institute and the University of Maine at Gorham. He earned his master's degree from the University of Hartford. Walt retired in 1976 after teaching Industrial Arts at Woodrow Wilson High School in Middletown for 33 years. During that time he also coached baseball. It was as a sports official that Walt made his reputation state-wide. He officiated high school and college football for 33 years and basketball for 18 years. He served as Commissioner for the local IAABO and the CCAFO for 20 Years. He was also a past prsident of the CCAFO in 1957. Some of the awards Walt had received are as follow. Life Member-CCAFO, Life Member IAABO, Member of National Football Foundation Hall of Fame. and the Coogan Award.