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Robert Fields Jr. - 2012
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Frank Scelza - 2008
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Lawrence Tracey - 2008
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Robert Sokolowski - 2007
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Robert Sokolowski

Enshrined : 2007
Central Football Officials
From running the fields of Orville Platt High School in his hometown of Meriden, to the gridiron of the Choate School, to the Yale Bowl, Bob Sokolowski excelled as a player. A 1965 graduate of Choate and 1969 graduate of Yale, Sokolowski kept his love for the game by taking up the stripes in 1971 for the Central Connecticut Approved Football Officials where he remained for the next 18 seasons. From the sandlot and high school fields serviced by the CCFOA to the Nokia Sugar Bowl, Sokolowski continued his pursuit of excellence as a downfield official. Beginning in 1978 with his admission to the Eastern Association of Intercollegiate Football Officials, Sokolowski began his climb up the ranks to become one of the top-ranked officials in the country. First it was Division II and III games for the ECAC, then it was a full schedule as a Division I official for the Yankee, Ivy and Patriot Leagues from 1984-95; he then moved to the Atlantic 10 Conference and later the Big East in the position of field judge. During his climb there were Division IAA playoff games in places like James Madison University or URI, there were international contests in Helsinki, Moscow and Bergamo, Italy. In 1999 he was chosen to work the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, LA, and the 2003 Capital One Bowl in Orlando. But it wasn't and isn't over. The next year, Sokolowski was chosen to officiate the BCS Championship Game in the Nokia Sugar Bowl, played Jan. 4, 2004. That was followed by the 2005 Rose Bowl and two successive trips to the New Orleans Bowl. Sokolowski proves hard work can result in reaching the pinnacle of success.