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Enshrined : 2012 (Posthumous)
Central Football Officials  
To say Robert F. Fields, Jr. had an impressive resume is a case of understatement. For 47 years, Fields had been a member of the Central Connecticut Association of Football Officials and had served on every major committee, advisory group and held every office it is possible to procure. His contributions to the CCFOA were so numerous that he was named to the group's Distinguished Honor Roll for life in 1999. To read of Fields' accomplishments is to understand what makes a great football official, not only doing it on the field, but doing it for the organization. Fields had served no less than 11 committees, some for several years, and some for multiple terms. He had contributed on such panels as the Better Officiating Committee, President's Committee, Assignment committee, and College Committee, just to name a few. He began on the CCFOA executive board in 1979 and moved up the chairs to serve as its president in 1981. He worked on the ad hoc committee to help organize the CFOA state clinic, which began in 1995, and had three separate stints on the state board, encompassing eight total years. He is credited with working eight CIAC playoff and championship games. Bob worked higher levels of football as a member (1979-87) of the Intercollegiate Football Officials Association (ICFO), working club teams and programs, which eventually moved to the ECAC. Fields was a founding member of the Wethersfield Youth Football League in 1974, and was awarded a Life Member honor for team sportsmanship in 2002. For almost a half-century, Bob Fields gave back to his organization and his community, while standing out as a top official.