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Jim Dumais - 2007
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Jim Dumais

Enshrined : 2007
Central Football Officials
Jim Dumais has been a distinguished member of the CCAFO since 1974. A native of Brunswick, ME, Jim played college baseball at Colby and Holy Cross. A graduate of Holy Cross, Jim was recruited as a pitcher by the Oakland A's and played minor league ball with Reggie Jackson. Along with his time on the football field, Jim spent many years as top basketball official with the current CCAFO Commissioner Larry Dupont. Past and present CCAFO members revere and respect Jim's field presence, knowledge and character. Jim has a distinct ability to gain the attention of players and coaches on the field. He has worked many playoff and championship games throughout his career. Jim's final game on the field, he refereed the 2005 Class S Final at CCSU with his son Brian working as his Umpire. Today, Jim enjoys sharing his time in Connecticut with his kids and grandchildren and enjoying the weather in Florida during the winter months. Jim was a member of the Hartford delegation to the state board for 12 years, from 1989-2001, the last two as president. He presided over the CFOA during a turbulent time when the five-official system was still working its way through the state. He showed great leadership and coolness under pressure, keeping factions on both sides respectful and talking. As a member of the CCAFO he has served in several capacities: President - 2006; Secretary 87-Present; Exec Committee- 87-Present; Rules Interpreter- 83-84, 91-2000; Better Officiating-80; Assignment-81-82; and Summer Exam Committees-80.