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Jay Kelleher - 2012
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Enshrined : 2012
Central Football Officials  
Local boards thrive when they have officials they can depend on to lead them, both on the field and organizationally. Jay Kelleher has been a steadying influence for the Central Connecticut Approved Football Officials for 36 years. Found for most of his career in the position of umpire, he has controlled many a game with his commanding presence and good humor, helping make difficult situations easier to control. That same commanding presence has been an attribute as he climbed up the ranks of the CCAFO's leadership, beginning as an executive board member from 1989 to the present, and moving to a term as president in 2001. During that time he worked on several committees, including the President's Committee, Mechanics Committee, Coaches' Committee, Evaluation Committee and several others. He served as a representative of the Central Board to the CFOA for two years (2008-2010) and has been involved in making the annual state clinic a success. For 12 seasons (1980-1992), Jay was a member of the Eastern Association of Intercollegiate Football Officials, Connecticut Chapter and brought that same presence and good humor to the collegiate game. He has also worked with the Intercollegiate Football Officials (ICFO), which services many club football teams. Jay has worked eight CIAC playoff and championship games as well as the Rhode Island-Connecticut Governors' Cup game (2003, 2004), and is currently on the CIAC's Advisory Committee. Kelleher has served his community as an executive board member of the West Hartford Boys Football Association. His presence and steadiness on and off the field makes Jay Kelleher a great selection for the CFOA Hall of Fame.