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Enshrined : 2012
Central Football Officials  
A 32-year member of the Central Connecticut Association of Football Officials, Bob Heimgartner have been a doer, not a taker while a member of that organization. His work with the association has included several committee memberships and chairmanships, including the Curriculum and Assignment committees, Film Review Committee, New Members Committee and a host of others. Besides his work with the nuts-and bolts of the organization, Heimgartner has moved up the ladder, becoming a true leader of the CCAFO. He has been an 11-year member of the group's executive board, and has moved up from Member-Elect in 2001 to the vice-presidency and presidency through 2003. Since 1994, Bob has been an integral member of the Connecticut Football Officials Association and has worked to make officiating throughout the state better. He worked with the state board in its negotiations with the CIAC to get five officials on the field, and has been an advocate for the group as it negotiated its current and previous contracts with the state's high school governing body. On the field, Bob works as a Referee, and has officiated in six CIAC playoff and championship games as well as the Connecticut High School All-Star Game (1986, 1987), and the Governors Cup game between all-stars of Connecticut and Rhode Island (2003, 2004). He helped officiate in the Wethersfield Midget Football League and volunteered to help organize and officiate powder-puff games in several schools. Bob is a member of the Wethersfield High School Hall of Fame. Known for his outspokenness when he believes it is necessary, Bob has proven himself a valuable asset to his local board and to the CFOA in their efforts to improve officiating.